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Disclaimer: Our platform only offers information on legal betting platforms in the USA and everything is according to the specific gambling laws in each state across the country.

Welcome to ESTNN! Here you can find all the recent and correct information regarding gambling in each of the United States and where exactly it’s available at this time. You can also read about the best bonuses and opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss out on happening near your doorstep, including states with legal sports betting.

Besides information on sports betting, you can also read about the development of online casinos and poker platforms in the country, as well as bonus offers for them.

Online Gambling Options Available to Players in the USA

There are different types of online gambling in the USA, and before continuing forward, you should know more about them. Here are the main details for each different type of USA online gambling.

NBA Playoffs 2022

The regular NBA season ended with a big disappointment for LA Lakers fans, after LeBron James and his crew didn’t make the final cut for the payoffs. Yet, the upside is that many up-and-coming teams, such as the Minnesota Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies, and Toronto Raptors, are gearing up to prove they are contenders, promising eventful postseason matchups.

The Most Competitive NBA Playoffs in Decades

Although last year’s finalist Phoenix Suns were dominant throughout the season, they are the exception, with most other teams displaying a surprising level of parity. This is good news for the playoffs. Fans can expect the competitive style during the regular season to translate to numerous buzzer-beater moments in the playoffs.NBA Playoffs

There is a strong chance that after nearly half a century, we will see NBA playoffs without a single sweep. It’s a bold claim, but considering the LA Lakers are out, and Brooklyn Nets are struggling, it’s safe to conclude that no team will march to the finals with ease.

Injuries are the biggest enemy of fans and players, and the news that Luca Doncic will be out for an undetermined period because of a calf strain complicates things for the Dallas Mavericks. Doncic gets hailed as the new face of the leagues but often struggles in the playoffs. Without him on the court, the Mavericks will have a hard time justifying the reputation earned with the 52 wins in the regular season.

LA may be out of the race after the LA Clippers failed to capitalize on their second chance in the play-in tournament. However, California gets represented by the Golden State Warriors. Healthy Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are a dangerous duo from the three-point line. Plus, as a veteran team, the Warriors have the potential to upset even the favorite Suns.

The Suns Will Finally Shine

Visit any sportsbook, and the playoffs odds will indicate that the biggest favorites for the championship rings are the Phoenix Suns. The Arizona team has the perfect mix of experience and leadership in Chris Paul and the vibrant talent of Devin Booker.

This is another team that faced injuries in the previous year’s campaign for the title. But this season, the Suns were an unstoppable force in the paint. They were the only team to play at a consistent level, and bearing any bad luck, the bookies may be proven correct. Fans of the sport believe the moment has finally come for Paul to receive the recognition he rightly deserves.

Of course, if Giannis Antetokounmpo has no objections. The Greek freak is a one-man show and a force to be reckoned with under the rim. The Bucks are going for a repeat, and although many are not giving them significant odds for success in their mission, Milwaukee was also an underdog in many duels last year but managed to climb to the top.

Magical Hoop Moments on the Horizon

The NBA is evolving with every new season.

Although many fans may not be happy about the emphasis on three-point shooting, there are still plenty of magical moments on the court. If one prediction about the NBA playoffs can be made, it’s that it will be entertaining from start to end.

E-Sports Betting

In recent years, e-sports have dominated the world and many sportsbooks started offering bets on various tournaments in e-sports. The games offered started in small numbers, but quickly grew and many sites offer a wide array of games, you can bet on, including first shooter games, MOBA games, etc. The most popular games are League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, and others.

When it comes to betting options, depending on the bookmaker, you might not see a large selection of bets for each game, but as the interest grows from customers, many of them are growing the number of betting options they offer customers. Watching these games is always easier because most of them are already streamed online via Twitch for free, so you can also watch the tournaments and bet on the specific games.

Online Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports or also called (DFS) has been around and legalized before the striking of the 2018 PASPA and it’s been a popular substitute for sports betting for years before that. The basics of it are that you can create your fantasy teams in various sports like football, basketball… which are made of real players. After creating your team, you can participate in different competitions against other DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) players, and the winner is determined based on the real-life performances of the players in each of the teams. There are different competitions available.

Some Sportsbooks offer a separate section that offers DFS to their customers, and there were even those famous DFS platforms that immediately joined the sports betting train once it was legal. When it comes to the legal sports betting states, they aren’t the same as states with legal Fantasy sports. DFS is available in most US states, and in the rest, there is an active legislation process going on.

Online Sports Betting

In 2018, sports betting was legalized thanks to the overturning of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which outlawed sports betting everywhere except Nevada. Now, each state can decide whether or not they want to legalize online gambling in the USA.

Now, more than twenty-five states already offer some form of online sports betting to the people in those states. Additionally, some states are in the process of legalizing the venture, while some are waiting, for now. Here you can find out exactly what states is sports betting legal in and other important USA online gambling rules across the country.

Sportsbooks in the USA offer different types of bets to their customers, and the most popular ones are money lines and totals. There are even some other bet types, like parlays, teasers, and futures. The Sportsbook itself is comprised of various sports and competitions you can bet on, but they are different for each state according to the laws there.

Online Casino Games

The games offered in online casinos are similar to the games offered in land-based casinos. You can find table games, like roulette, blackjack, and poker, for example, but they are usually in a fast-paced manner compared to regular games in land-based casinos. Some sites even offer the chance to play with live dealers where you can experience the real-casino from the comfort of your home. The most widespread games of all are the slots and if an online casino has a large enough library, you could find thousands of slots available in various categories.

Not all online casinos are legal in every US state. For example, right now only West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, and Connecticut customers can enjoy legal online casinos. In other states, you can play the so-called sweepstakes casinos where you can redeem any of your future winnings for cash prizes. These types of online casinos are legal everywhere except in Washington.

Online Horse Race Betting

There are several types of horse racing betting available in the USA. For once, you can go to a racetrack and place bets there, but since we are covering the online aspect of betting on horse racing, we will only talk about sportsbooks that offer betting on the sport or horse racing-specific sportsbooks, which are sometimes called “racebooks.” In the most popular places, you can find that you have access to wager on races from all over the world, including Australia, South Africa, Europe, Asia, and even home-bred races in the USA.

The most popular option when betting on horses is the Win/Place/Show bets, but some books can also offer betting on more complex bets, like Trifecta. For those of you that prefer betting on horse racing and don’t like other sports, some sportsbooks specifically offer only horse racing to their customers. There are also some that besides a Sportsbook, have a separate section (Racebook) available. You can choose the best option for yourself by looking over what each bookmaker can offer you in this regard.

Online Lotteries

Many US states offer some kind of lottery, but not many of them offer it in an online form. Buying lottery tickets online isn’t any different than buying tickets at a location in person and you still have to be over the legal age limit to do it. Only in Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, there are online lotteries available where they even offer some online games to go with the tickets. In some states, there are even lottery-run online sportsbooks, like Oregon.

These games aren’t as popular as online casinos or sports betting because there is a very high house edge and winning a large sum is quite rare and hard to do. That’s why most people participate in lotteries for the fun. There are also lottery concierge services via which you can purchase tickets for any lottery worldwide, but to have the privilege, you need to pay a small commission on every transaction.

Online Bingo

Some people might include bingo with the rest of the online casino games, like Keno and Roulette, but even overseas in popular bookmaker platforms, it’s a separate section entirely. Usually, these sections offer a specific number of Bingo rooms you can choose from with various features.

Besides playing in various game rooms with different features, some online gambling platforms USA offer other games you can play. Compared to other online games offered in the country, Bingo isn’t as popular as saying the regular casino games, like roulette or poker.




USA Online Sports Betting Updates

Let’s check out the most recent updates regarding online gambling USA and specifically legal online sports betting.

  • At the end of this month on December 30th in Arkansas, there will be a public hearing where sports betting would be the main discussion point. The state’s commission will hear out different opinions and they might consider changing gambling laws and rules involving mobile and online sports betting USA. Right now, the state only has legal retail betting in three casinos, but a fourth location is coming soon in Pope County.
  • Legal online sports betting is coming to Ohio soon after they accepted House Bill 29 earlier in December. According to the bill, the state is aiming for an average of 10% tax on betting revenue and the official regulator would be the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC). It’s speculated that by April 2022 retail sports betting should be live in the state, but it’s speculated that the online license approval won’t be done at least until the beginning of 2023.

USA Online Casino Updates

  • New Jersey’s latest online casino update shows that since October 2020, there is a 33% increase in revenue from land-based casinos, sports betting, and iGaming. Internet wagering also increased by 36% in the same period.
  • Sightline Payments’ CEO requested that cashless payments be reviewed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to decrease the long waiting periods and lines in the casinos.

Where is Sports Betting Legal? State-by-State Info for Online Betting

The most common question ever since the legalization of sports betting in many US states is “What states is sports betting legal in?” We have a detailed answer to that question for you here. You can check out exactly which state is online sports betting legal in and see the basic information about each state.


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Virginia Online Betting</strong></a></p> " data-hovercolor="#81d742" fill="#81d742" d="M930.6,342l1.1,4.9l1.1,6.9l3.6-2.7l2.3-3.1l2.5-0.6l1.5-1.5l1.8-2.6l1.2,0.6l2.9-0.3l2.6-2.1 l2-1.5l1.8-0.5l1.3,1l2.2,1.1l1.9,1.8l1.4,1.3l-0.1,4.7l-5.7-3.1l-4.5-1.8l-0.2,5.3l-0.5,2.1l-1.6,2.7l-0.6,1.6l-3.1,2.4l-0.5,2.3 l-3.4,0.3l-0.3,3.1l-1.1,5.5h-2.6l-1.3-0.8l-1.6-2.7l-1.8,0.2l-0.3,4.4l-2.1,6.6l-5,10.8l0.8,1.3l-0.2,2.7l-2.1,1.9l-1.5-0.3 l-3.2,2.4l-2.6-1l-1.8,4.7c0,0-3.7,0.8-4.4,1c-0.6,0.2-2.4-1.3-2.4-1.3l-2.4,2.3l-2.6,0.6l-2.9-0.8l-1.3-1.3l-2.2-3l-3.1-2 l-2.6-2.7l-2.9-3.7l-0.6-2.3l-2.6-1.5l-0.8-1.6l-0.2-5.3l2.2-0.1l1.9-0.8l0.2-2.7l1.6-1.5l0.2-5l1-3.9l1.3-0.6l1.3,1.1l0.5,1.8 l1.8-1l0.5-1.6l-1.1-1.8v-2.4l1-1.3l2.3-3.4l1.3-1.5l2.1,0.5l2.3-1.6l3.1-3.4l2.3-3.9l0.3-5.7l0.5-5v-4.7l-1.1-3.1l1-1.5l1.3-1.3 l3.5,19.8l4.6-0.8L930.6,342z"/> Ohio Online Sports Betting</a></strong></p> " data-hovercolor="#4e6876" fill="#4e6876" 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Steps to Gamble Online in the USA

In recent years the gambling law in many states has changed a lot and the answer to the question “Where is sports betting legal?” can change at any time to add more states to the list. The first step you should take if you want to wager legally in your state is to find out exactly what type of online gambling does your state allows. The second step you should take is to see which operators/sportsbooks are available in the state. The final step to take is choosing a sportsbook and creating an account on it. After that everything is based on your learning curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

The payment methods available at online sportsbooks vary by state, but once you open your sportsbook’s deposit page, you would be able to find out which methods are available to you.

You can look for the state’s gaming authority logo on the website or check the state gaming commission’s website to see a list of all the licensed sportsbooks.
And you can look in our states pages to know more on betting :

Yes, it is. Sportsbooks don’t charge for registrations. Some licensed online sportsbooks that you can check out are:

As long as you are betting via a licensed operator in your state your information is safe and protected on their servers.

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