MLB Daily Picks and Predictions – Daily Update August 2, 2022

As the MLB season gets heated up, more bettors are looking for MLB betting trends and expert analysis to make an informed decision and maximize their betting odds. There is no difference ahead of the return game between the Baltimore Orioles and the NY Yankees.

Both teams will be meeting for the fourth time this season. Their last meeting turned out to be one of the most competitive games this MLB season so far, with a cumulative number of 20 runs in the game.

NY Yankees are undefeated in their last four games, while their opponents have struggled to seal two wins in their last five outings. Who will come out victorious for this one? Stay tuned as we discuss further MLB daily picks and MLB betting picks and MLB best bets for this game.

Baltimore Orioles to win
NY Yankees to win

MLB Daily Picks – Baltimore Orioles vs NY Yankees: Top Free Betting Tips

Here is our selection of MLB daily picks for this game. After losing in their first meeting against the NY Yankees, the Baltimore Orioles might feel like they have something to prove as they move to their home soil. This opens a lot of possibilities, but the popular MLB betting picks still favor NY Yankees to win.

Below are our top two MLB predictions for this game with their MLB odds from top bookies and top MLB betting lines clearly stated out.

MLB Daily Picks

Prediction 1

Market: Money Line

Our tip: NY Yankees to Win

Mlb Odds: 37/100 (1.37)

Prediction 2

Market: Totals

Our tip: Over 8.5 Runs

Mlb Odds: 83/100 (1.83)

NY Yankees to Win

mlb betting picks

This is one of our favorite MLB predictions as far as this game is concerned. Between our two MLB betting picks, this is inspired by the NY Yankees’ top form so far. The Yankees seem to be running on a high. They have enjoyed four straight wins in their last five games. To make things even more exciting, they have secured 11 wins from their last 17 games. This is a far cry from the Baltimore Orioles, who have only six wins in all of their 17 games played so far.

Over 8.5 Runs

This is another MLB betting pick for this game based on the recent statistics pulled in from both teams. In the Yankee’s last five games, three have ended in Over 8.5 runs batted in, with them contributing the most runs. The same can be said about the Baltimore Orioles too. Three out of their last five games have ended in Over 8.5 runs batted in. Given that Baltimore have too much to prove and considering the MLB betting lines so far, this game should reel in Over 8.5 runs as well.


With baseball betting, head-to-head records have got a lot to play in deciding what the MLB predictions should be. From the head-to-head records between both teams this year, The NY Yankees have won three out of their last five meetings. Baltimore Orioles might be looking to even out, however, their poor form lately doesn’t leave much to be. Betting on Over 8.5 runs in this game seems like one of the MLB best bets you can place for this game, given their history and form.


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